Lab staffCounty Medical Center offers a full service laboratory that performs an estimated 30,000 laboratory tests on tissue, blood and other body fluids each year. Some of the more common tests performed help providers determine whether or not patients have diabetes, high cholesterol, or infections. But other tests can be critical to determining the cause of abdominal or chest pain.

The professionals who staff the laboratory at Coleman County Medical Center sometimes go unnoticed, but the role they play is vital to the diagnosis and treatment of disease at the hospital, emergency department and clinics. While education requirements differ, MLTs (medical laboratory technicians) and MTs (medical technologists) perform overlapping functions, including preparation of specimens, operation of automated laboratory analyzers and performance of manual testing. Phlebotomists draw blood samples from patients and may also prepare specimens for medical testing.

The laboratory at Coleman County Medical Center is CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments) certified.