Nursing NICU Education
Nursing staff at CCMC practice skills necessary to maintain the airway on a newborn in respiratory distress as part of the Level I certification course. The baby pictured is a special training manikin.

All three of the family physicians at Coleman Medical Associates practice obstetrical care in the clinic and deliver babies at Coleman County  Medical Center allowing expectant mothers in Coleman County and surrounding communities to deliver their babies close to home.   

The medical and nursing staff at Coleman County Medical Center have completed the latest requirements to receive to receive Level I Neonatal designation for the hospital’s newborn nursery.  All the medical and nursing staff of CCMC hold Neonatal Resuscitation Certifications and have completed a S.T.A.B.L.E. certification course addressing Sugar, Temp, Airway, Blood Pressure, Lab work and Emotional Support for newborns and their mothers.  The nurses have also completed numerous hands-on continuing education sessions. 

In addition, CCMC has refined its quality program for the nursery to include safety training, drills, and mock codes.  The nursing staff also conducts congenital heart defect screening on all newborns, as well as, a hearings screening to identify any potential issues prior to discharge. 

Exceeding state standards, the providers in Coleman provide education to new families regarding common questions, newborn care, basic emergency care and the Period of Purple program focused on the support of newborn parents and a decrease the incidence of shaking or abuse.